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What is an catheterization?

A procedure performed in the hospital to diagnose heart disease.  During this procedure a catheter is inserted into an artery.  Contrast dye is then injected into this artery at which point the dye flows to the heart.  After this is completed, x-rays are taken of the heart and arteries.

How do I prepare for a Cardiac Catheterization Test??

  • DO NOT eat or drink after midnight of the night BEFORE THE TEST.

  • If you wear contacts, DO NOT wear them to the test!!  Wear your glasses.

  • Take your normal blood pressure medications the morning of the test unless otherwise instructed by the Doctor.  Bring all other medications with you to the hospital.

  • DO NOT TAKE GLUCOPHAGE OR METPHORMIN or anything containing this medicine for 2 days prior to the test.  This is a diabetes medication.  If you are not sure if your medications include Glucophage or Metformin, ask the nurse.

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